A la Carte Menu

a la carte menu

Garden Pea Velouté  Toasted Flower Marie and summer truffle sandwich  £7.50
Red Mullet En Croûte  Bouillabaisse, prawn, black olive  £9.50
Pressed Marinated Foie Gras  Smoked beetroot, truffle macaroon, cashew nuts  £10.00
Ballotine of Salmon Wrapped in Fresh Herbs  Fromage Blanc, lime, avruga caviar  £7.50
Roast Crown of Quail  Sweet corn, nasturtium, leg meat samosa  £9.50
Roast Rump of Rose Veal  Vol au vent, garden peas, globe artichokes  £18.50

Trio of Hampshire Pork  Galette, fillet, confit belly, Old Winchester cheese mashed potato  £20.00
Roast Saddle “Rother Valley Organic” Lamb  Confit breast, goat’s cheese gnocchi, tomato  £22.00
Butter Poached Native Lobster  Butternut squash and orange, confit fennel, wild rice, lobster sauce  £26.50
Butternut Squash Pithivier  Smoked chestnut mushrooms, courgette provencale, English onions  £17.50

Pistachio and Olive Oil Cake  Poached Apricots, sorrel  £7.00
White Chocolate Cheese Cake  Poached English strawberries and sorbet  £7.00
Hot Chocolate Pudding  Stout ice cream, sesame  £7.00
Pecan Nut Crème Brûlée  Maple syrup, lychee sorbet  £6.50
Selection of British Cheeses  Homemade piccalilli, grapes, biscuits  £10.00

Why not try a glass of our carefully selected Dessert wine to accompany your dessert.
Close Dady, Sauternes (Bordeaux, France) £7.50 (100ml) 
Liqueur Muscat, Skillogalee (Claire Valley, Australia) £7.50 (100ml)

Tea and coffee selection
All day Tea £3.40 
Flavoured Teas £3.40 
Espresso £3.40 
Cappuccino £3.50 
Café Latte £3.50 
Hot Chocolate £3.50 

Liqueur coffee selection
Irish (Whiskey) £6.95
Jamaican (Tia Maria & Rum) £6.95
Italian (Amaretto) £6.95
Russian (Vodka) £6.95
Baileys (Baileys) £6.95
French (Grand Marnier) £6.95

Please ask a member of staff for a selection of our liqueurs

If you are happy with the food and service we would suggest a 12.5% gratuity. If however you are not, we will gladly remove it, but please do let us know what we could do better.
Genetically modified oil is used in some of our dishes. For advice about allergens please ask the waiting staff.
a La Carte Menu

Photos by Chris Pearsall Photography.

A la Carte Menu