Our chickens…

2017-05-25 LH - Chicken Blog

My chickens are Heinz 57 – a mixture of varieties which means that they nearly all look different and some are real characters. They don’t have names but as I often tell them – I have known most of them since they were EGGS!

Some are extremely old. My oldest bantam died last year aged 9! The youngest were hatched yesterday. Their mother sat on 10 eggs and hatched 7 babies! We also have 4 Guinea Fowl who roam free and sleep in the tree above the chicken run! The ‘male’ is exceptionally handsome but is not always such a nice character.

We have a chicken who lays khaki coloured eggs! We would love to have some more and always put some of her eggs under a broody hen when we have one, but they have never hatched – until yesterday. We don’t know WHICH chick hatched from the khaki egg but maybe we will when SHE starts to lay.

On Election Day we were brought some pheasant chicks that had been found on the road with their dead mother who had been hit by a car. I put them under my ‘electric hen’ and they are growing very well but are very wild.