Room Hire


The Room Hire charge is £1,600.00 on Saturdays, £1,275.00 on Fridays and £975.00 on other days of the week. This includes overnight use of our ‘Hideaway’ Honeymoon Suite (pictured above). This figure will be reduced by £350.00 if the evening ends at 7.00pm.

If you wish to only hold your Marriage Ceremony here, in addition to the
Ceremony Charge, there will be a Room Hire charge of £250.00 for the Talbot
Room, or £160.00 for the Vaults, the Garden Room or the Drawing Room.

Should you wish to hold your Marriage Ceremony in the Bothy, we strongly
recommend that you hire a PA system (to compete with the birds!)

For Exclusive Use, please speak to Laura Keeping, Office Manager on 01730 266941.

We aim to keep all these prices for 2017 but reserve the right to increase them, by arrangement, should market prices dictate.