Wild about Wild Garlic


Spring has arrived at Langrish .... As the daffodils fade after months of glorious colour (their best year EVER), the Wild Garlic is coming into its own.  We have acres of Wild Garlic.  The beautiful white flowers will soon be out but at the moment it is the leaves that look so lovely and OH SO GREEN! – so refreshing after months of ‘brown’!  It is wild, organic and fresh.  The Chefs go out to pick it ... and turn it into the most wonderful things, as is their way!  At the moment you will find it on the menu as an accompaniment to the Roast Saddle of South Downs Venison, and also the Mushroom Pie with Confit ‘Hallgate Farm’ hen yolk, crispy potatoes and charred leek.  But – watch out!! The menu will be changing on the 1st May and it will no longer feature, but there’s always a chance that Nathan will turn it into one of his amazingly green amuse bouches!