The Green Page

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Langrish House is committed to doing all it can to preserve the environment. green pages

In his book ‘A Guide to the End of the World: Everything You Never Wanted to Know’, Bill McGuire says: ‘The British Isles are particularly vulnerable to a side effect of global warming because it is already happening and cannot be reversed for thousands of years’.

He believes there is a serious risk that a disruption of ocean currents, resulting from large scale melting of Arctic ice, will ‘shut off’ the warm water of the Gulf Stream.

Without the Gulf Stream, he says, temperatures in the UK and north western Europe would be 5 degrees C or cooler, with bitter winters as fierce as those of the so-called ‘Little Ice Age’ in the 17th to 19th centuries. The process may already be under way, he suspects.

‘It is too late to stop temperatures and sea levels rising for thousands of years’ he says, ‘But if we don’t do anything it’s going to be much worse for our children and grandchildren. Drastic things have to be done now’.

Please help us conserve energy.

  • Remember we are not on main drainage; we have a septic tank so please do not put anything down the loo that would either block the drains or upset the chemical balance in the tank.
  • Please do not leave lights or heaters on unnecessarily.
  • If you turn your towel rail on, please turn it off when you leave the hotel.
  • If you are staying more than one night, please put your towels on the towel rail for use another day. If you would like them to be washed please, put them in the bath or shower.

We recycle

Langrish House is going green but it takes time

These are some of the steps we are taking

  • We use low energy bulbs throughout the House
  • The heating is on a time clock to control the level in public areas and in the bedrooms
  • We recycle paper
    We recycle glass
  • We recycle batteries
  • Garden waste is recycled carefully
  • We send used printer cartridges for recycling
  • Used stamps are saved for Charity
    We have introduced a short flush facility in all the new cisterns
  • Self closers are fitted to all the doors to reduce heat loss
  • Thermostatic valves are fitted to the radiators thus saving unnecessary heat
  • We are trying to find a good use for the used soaps some charities collect them. Can anyone help?
  • There are a million things we could all do and we are constantly looking for ways reduce our consumption of Energy. All ideas welcome!

Local Excursions

Langrish House has designed a number of excursions that you can make to various local attractions and points of interest, by public transport.  Please look in the Green File in the Drawing Room or ask at Reception.

Local Crafts

Langrish House is proud to encourage local crafts. Examples of local artists’ work may be found about the Hotel.

The Rosemary Foundation

Langrish House sponsors The Rosemary Foundation as its preferred Charity.

The Rosemary Foundation is a local Charity, a community based group of health care professionals offering a full, supportive hands-on nursing service for patients suffering from cancer, or other life threatening conditions – within their own homes. This includes a bereavement and counselling service.

Langrish House is pleased to be able to help The Rosemary Foundation raise money in many different ways.

Around the 1st December every year, we switch on the Christmas Lights in the Garden. These Lights are sponsored by people wishing to dedicate them to someone special, and the money raised is used to help patients.

There are leaflets about The Rosemary Foundation in the Hotel.


In the Gardens and on the slopes we have some specimen trees:

  • Giant Redwood Sequoia
  • Silver Birch Abies Grandis
  • Scots Pine Atlas Cedar
  • Ginko Tree Acacia
  • An array of fine, mature Yews, Limes, Sycamores, Horse Chesnuts, Oaks, and Beeches