Wedding Ceremony



Langrish House is the perfect setting for your Wedding Ceremony

It is not essential to hold the Marriage Ceremony here, but should you wish to, we have a licence as an Approved Premises for Civil Marriages.

G4B_5--logoThe Licence covers 4 Rooms + the Wedding Bothy*:

  • Talbot Room – Maximum number of people 108 if you are holding your marriage ceremony only
  • Talbot Room – Maximum numbers of people 60 (seated) if you are holding your marriage ceremony and wedding reception here
  • Garden Room – Maximum number of people 25
  • The Vaults – Maximum number of people 18
  • The Drawing Room – Maximum number of people 35
  • Outdoor Bothy – Maximum number of people 80 (only available May – September)

We charge the following to hold a Civil Marriage Ceremony at Langrish House:

  • Saturday £350
  • Fridays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays £250
  • Monday – Thursday £100

If you wish to only hold only your Marriage Ceremony here, in addition to the Ceremony Charge, there will be a Room Hire charge of £250.00 for the Talbot Room, or £160.00 for the Vaults, the Garden Room or the Drawing Room.

This charge does not include the Registrar.

It is our experience that the best time for a Marriage Ceremony is around 3:00pm but the time can only be fixed after consultation with the Registrar, and it is always wise to discuss the timing of your day with us when you book.

Your guests should arrive about 10 – 15 minutes before the Ceremony.
It should be noted that it is a legal requirement that no food or drink be consumed in the Ceremony Room for an hour before the Wedding.
To make a provisional booking, up to 2 years before the marriage, you should contact the Superintendent Registrar for this District on 0300 555 1392 or by email: Fareham Registrars

To confirm your booking you will each be required to give a Notice of Marriage at the Register Office for the district in which you live. A Notice of Marriage is valid for twelve months before the date of your marriage.

If you have any further queries, or would like to come and have a look around, please do not hesitate to ring. We look forward to hearing from you.

Now you can get married outdoors in our stunning Wedding Bothy

Now you can get married outdoors in our stunning Wedding Bothy

*The Wedding Bothy, with its beautiful view of the lake, is available for outdoor weddings of up to 80 people from May – September. The Bothy will be the same price as the other rooms, and an inside venue of the appropriate size will need to be held in case the weather is not good.




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