A Source of Great Pleasure


Robina with one of the Langrish House ChickensMy chickens are a source of great pleasure to many of our guests and most especially to me! I often find children watching them and I enjoy letting them help me with the feeding and collecting the eggs. For many this is a ‘first’ experience! At the moment I have a duck sitting on 7 duck eggs, a chicken sitting on 9 chicken eggs and a guinea fowl that is so aggressive I have no idea what she is sitting on! I wouldn’t dare approach close enough to find out! My last broody only hatched one of the 7 eggs she was sitting on so I am not banking on a population explosion!

Three times in the past, I have found that my hens have been ‘rustled’. On each occasion it was just before Christmas and the prettiest were taken! I imagine ‘someone’ was short of a Christmas present or two! Conversely I have recently had a chicken ‘dumped’ in the run! This is NOT kind. Chickens do not welcome strangers into their midst and are prone to attack a new arrival. They need to be integrated slowly and carefully.