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Please Ring the Bell Langrish House from the entrance Langrish House from the garden Langrish House Autumn View from a bedroom window The front lawn at Langrish House Langrish House Marquee on the front lawn  Front entrance Afternoon Tea in the drawing room Talbot-Ponsonby family portrait Reception Reception Entrance to The Vaults Dining in The Vaults  Constance Louisa's Room Relax with Champagne and candles in your Bathroom We are prepared for all weathers View from the front door Owner Nigel Talbot-Ponsonby with head gardener Keith Kitcher The Talbot Room prepared for a business meeting The Talbot Room prepared for a Wedding Brides arrive at Langrish House in all types of transport Wedding party enjoying cream tea on the lawn Langrish House from the front garden Langrish House from the front garden  Langrish House at Night Lake_c1900 Lake_c2015 LangrishHouse_snow LH_gallery1 LH_gallery2 LH_gallery4 LH_gallery5 LH_gallery7 LH_gallery9 LH_gallery10 LH_gallery11 Vaults2 Back-Lawn Bothy Capt_TP Drawing_room Fredericks_1 Fredericks_2 Fredericks_fire Fredericks_table4two Langrish-House-Historic-pho reception1 Reception_2 view_front Afternoon-tea-gallery Drawing-room_gallery Drawing-room2_gallery Drawing-room3_gallery