Heaven on a plate

Nathan makes the MOST delicious Starter: Gazpacho Mousse! …. Let me share it with you, he says it is ‘easy’ to make!

He makes a Gazpacho soup from peppers, tomatoes, oil, thyme, garlic and tabasco, marinates it for 24 hours and then blitzes it before passing it through a fine sieve! He strains the soup through muslin overnight and then turns the remaining pulp into a mousse with agar agar (vegetarian gelatine) and double cream. He wraps the mousse in cling film and freezes it in a tomato shape. Next he makes a tomato gel with fresh tomatoes and a vegetable gelling agent. He dips the frozen tomato shape into the gel while it is still hot, it sets instantly and once defrosted is ready to use. Now you COULD try this at home …. OR you could book a table here and let Nathan spend two days making it! It is absolutely delicious – believe me it is out of this world! The main courses and puddings that follow are pretty sensational too!