Langrish House History

Home to the Talbot-Ponsonby family for over 7 generations

Langrish House dates back to the 17th century. During the Civil War most of Hampshire was ‘for the king’ but it would appear that the village of Langrish supported Oliver Cromwell. When the Roundheads did particularly well at the nearby Battle of Cheriton in 1644, and took a number of Royalist Prisoners, there was a problem of where they should be held. All the local strongholds were still in Royalist hands, and so unsuitable. They were therefore brought back to Langrish and made to dig the vaults.

For many years, Langrish, a substantial manor house, was owned by wealthy sheep farmers who used the Lake for washing the wool.

In 1842 Nigel Talbot-Ponsonby’s great-great-great-great-grandfather, a local landowner bought the house and made major additions to it.

Langrish House’s heyday as a family home came under the tenure of Charles William and Constance Louisa Talbot-Ponsonby. They were married in 1868 and brought up 7 children here. Family archives paint a picture of jostling family life centred around the dogs, cats, chickens and outdoor sports. There were musical recitals, plays, croquet on the lawn, journeys abroad, huge houseparties for Glorious Goodwood and great celebrations such as Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jublilee in 1867.

Nigel’s father, Edward, inherited the house and the Langrish Estate in 1937 – aged 19. He was fascinated by machinery and started ‘making things’ in the stables. By the time the War came in 1939, he had a thriving and very busy factory makng cockpits for Spitfires, and Munitions for the War Effort.

During the War soldiers from New Zealand were billeted here and slept either in the house or in tents on the three large lawns.

The house temporarily left the Talbot-Ponsonby family for 26 years when it was sold in 1972!

There was a big fire here in November 1976, and soon after that it was bought by hoteliers, Peter ffytche and Monique Von Kospoth. Together they restored it and turned it in to a Hotel.

Nigel and Robina were given the chance to buy the House back in 1998.

Meon Matters invited Nigel Talbot-Ponsonby to talk about Langrish House, his family connections with Langrish village and not least a bit about his own family’s history and the future. Click here to download the full story… The History of Langrish House