Prime Motive


We are very proud of this film, Prime Motive, much of which was shot on location at Langrish House by local students … We think they were all brilliant!

Set in 2015, a year after the referendum for Scottish Independence – which has failed. A group of Scottish extremists decide to take direct action to secure their nation’s independence.


Jack Sheeran – Prime Minister.
Tom Mason – Leroy (Head of Mercenary’s)
Hattie Field – Emma (Head of MI5)
Henry Williams – Toby (Head of Police)
Alex Yelland – Malcolm (Secretary of State for Scotland)
Abi Knee – Prime Minister’s Wife & MI5 Agent.
Will Cummings – Svet (Mercenary 2nd in Command)
and also: Will Stratford, Spencer Lawrence, Jess McCluskey, Huon Mackley, Jed Simpson, Alice Hiller, Zoe Pringle, Sophie May Baker, Jemima Tyssen Smith, Elizabeth Hourahine, Joe Topp & Joel Knee.

CREW and Production Team

Jack Sheeran – Producer
Charlie Essex – Director
Johnny Street – Soundman
Joe Spong – Cameraman
Josh Vest & Jack Sheeran – Scriptwriters.
Joel Knee – Composer
Joe Topp – Music Producer
Jess McCluskey – Costume